Hello all. Over the next few weeks
This website will be undergoing some extensive modifications and updates. This means that some elements may not look as elegant as they otherwise would. I will be adding galleries and material and altering some of the sites structure but. The renovations should be done by mid-february, so until then I apologise for any troubles. 


Pre-Major Project Status: Complete.

Ok so, I've finally completed my Pre-Major Project, in which I have illustrated 3 carefully chosen stories from the Eddas or Old Norse Mythology. The first one is an extract from Hymiskviða, where Thor goes fishing and ends up almost catching the Midgard serpent. The second is the tale of Hermóðr's perilous journey into Hel to plead for Baldurs soul. The third and final tale is a condensed telling of Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods. 
I am quite happy with the work and it has challenged me quite a bit, the choosing of moments from each story had to be such that they could tell the story somewhat on their own without the lettering, that the jumps from one image to the next wasn't too broad. I also also had to be selective enough to keep it from becoming a full-on comic book. 
    Keeping the work consistent over the months that this project took to complete was also a little bit difficult.  The style of shading and inkwash in particular could be a bit tricky to maintain. Working on several images at once and having completed ones in sight while making new ones proved very useful in that process.

The Project can be viewed below:

Just click the pic to run through 'em

Year Three at AUB part 3

Ok, so, part two!
There may be some repeating of last nights musings in this part but, y'know, this is my blog, my rules so... DEAL WITH IT!
Thats right, I get confrontational when I'm writing sometimes. :D
So, as I said, for my written assignment I would really like to look at Sketching, its importance and how it is valued today, I feel that with the onset of instagram artists are presenting their work while its ongoing and I feel that the sketches of artists make it easier to understand their thought process and method of working, this area of inquiry interests me because I have always seen the joy of art being in the making of it, moreso than in viewing it when finished. As an example I’ve always far preferred the sketches of daVinci over his finished artworks, they give an insight  
Over the summer I've added quite a few books specifically about sketching to my library and they've helped me achieve a deeper understanding of the subject.
      I am acutely aware that this is more of a ‘how’ than ‘what’ when it comes to illustration so as far as the themes and issues that underpin my practice, In my personal drawings I always tend to veer into the area of mythology, I find Mythology endlessly fascinating primarily the Norse mythology as it is very close to my heart but also the Greek/Roman, and Egyptian mythology as well as some Arthurian legend. All those stories have amazing descriptive imagery in their tales and while some have been told many times in various media there are others that are still a mostly untapped source of inspiration.
 Right then, at this point I honestly am not how much further I could, or should elaborate but know this dear reader, I will keep you updated and I will get the hang of this blogging thing. 

Year Three at AUB Part 2

All right, as of this writing I seek to investigate two things this year, Sketching and Mythology.
Here are  three relevant pieces for this years goals, 
NOTE: Everything is subject to change

A promarker sketch I drew earlier this year.

A promarker sketch I drew earlier this year.

A pen sketch with a very loose pencil understructure

A pen sketch with a very loose pencil understructure

A completed digitally coloured ink drawing of Thor fighting the Midgard serpent

A completed digitally coloured ink drawing of Thor fighting the Midgard serpent

Year Three at AUB Part 1

Right, So, Year Three.

In a couple of days I start my third year of studying Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. It's gonna be a hell of a year, I know that already, a lot of work, a lot of research, a lot of late nights with the flatmates trying to keep each other going when deadlines start looming.
  Now, I need to start keeping a regular blog for the year and working on improving my online presence. This is asking a lot from me as I'm really not one for explaining my process as it is happening, I'm more of a...well I dunno, I guess I've never been all that loquacious when talking about art so, this year will be an exercise in that.

I have a dissertation to write this year and to be honest I was struggling to find a theme for it but in mid-august I feel that I struck upon an idea that shows promise: Sketching. I always enjoyed looking at the sketches of famous artists, If I was given the choice of 3 hours of looking at a collection of completed daVinci paintings or 15 minutes with a single sketch of his I'd take the sketch any time. I find that there is such beauty and potential in a loose, perhaps even unfinished sketch, they have life, whereas a completed work, to me, often feels ...lifeless. I don't expect everyone to agree but sketches often have a way of showing the thought process of the artist which I find infinitely interesting.

Part 2 tomorrow

Site Update, VILLAINS!

Finally, after a long long time I've at long last updated this site with some new stuff.
The 'Illustrations' tab now has two sub-categories; Villains, and Miscellaneous.

On August 12th and 13th I had my first ever solo gallery show at Kaktus gallery in my hometown of Akureyri, Iceland. There I displayed a series of drawings I have been working on on-and-off for about two years. These are 10 ink and pen drawings of classic villains from cinema history, ranging from 1939 to 1999.

You will find these ten images in the 'Villains' sub-section and I hope you enjoy looking at 'em as much as I enjoyed drawing them.




So, this is the result of my latest unit at University, a brief animation about a massive sprawling city. 
All artwork and animation by me, Hrannar Atli Hauksson
many thanks to Axel Ingi Árnason for composing the music.

Still here update

I haven't completely forgotten about this site. I just got a bit carried away with other things for a while there and life got in the way. But, now I'm going to be making a concentrated effort to tend to this site more and add pics more regularly and write stuff more frequently.
'Till next time, which will be soon.


This Site.

Okay so, this site as I said in the previous post is still very much a work in progress and I have a lot of old files from my history to comb through and decide what I should or shouldn't put up. So don't be surprised if parts of the site are empty or will change appearance in the near future.
        Meanwhile. Here is a video project I just found again from when I was on my graphic design course. The project was to make a 20-30 second TV ad as a promotion for my home town.

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Hello there.

Greetings and salutations to you dear wanderer of the internet. I'm Hrannar Atli Hauksson and I bid you welcome. On this website I hope to display my artwork, for you see I am an Illustrator and Graphic designer from Iceland. Currently studying Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth.
This humble website of mine that I just set up is still a massive work in progress. And it probably will be for a long time, because I'm very lazy when it comes to maintaining an online presence. 
However, if you're reading this sometime in the distant future and this is in fact a sprawling page filled with life and updates then, please, pull up a chair and have a look around.
Or not. Your choice.