Pre-Major Project Status: Complete.

Ok so, I've finally completed my Pre-Major Project, in which I have illustrated 3 carefully chosen stories from the Eddas or Old Norse Mythology. The first one is an extract from Hymiskviða, where Thor goes fishing and ends up almost catching the Midgard serpent. The second is the tale of Hermóðr's perilous journey into Hel to plead for Baldurs soul. The third and final tale is a condensed telling of Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods. 
I am quite happy with the work and it has challenged me quite a bit, the choosing of moments from each story had to be such that they could tell the story somewhat on their own without the lettering, that the jumps from one image to the next wasn't too broad. I also also had to be selective enough to keep it from becoming a full-on comic book. 
    Keeping the work consistent over the months that this project took to complete was also a little bit difficult.  The style of shading and inkwash in particular could be a bit tricky to maintain. Working on several images at once and having completed ones in sight while making new ones proved very useful in that process.

The Project can be viewed below:

Just click the pic to run through 'em