Year Three at AUB part 3

Ok, so, part two!
There may be some repeating of last nights musings in this part but, y'know, this is my blog, my rules so... DEAL WITH IT!
Thats right, I get confrontational when I'm writing sometimes. :D
So, as I said, for my written assignment I would really like to look at Sketching, its importance and how it is valued today, I feel that with the onset of instagram artists are presenting their work while its ongoing and I feel that the sketches of artists make it easier to understand their thought process and method of working, this area of inquiry interests me because I have always seen the joy of art being in the making of it, moreso than in viewing it when finished. As an example I’ve always far preferred the sketches of daVinci over his finished artworks, they give an insight  
Over the summer I've added quite a few books specifically about sketching to my library and they've helped me achieve a deeper understanding of the subject.
      I am acutely aware that this is more of a ‘how’ than ‘what’ when it comes to illustration so as far as the themes and issues that underpin my practice, In my personal drawings I always tend to veer into the area of mythology, I find Mythology endlessly fascinating primarily the Norse mythology as it is very close to my heart but also the Greek/Roman, and Egyptian mythology as well as some Arthurian legend. All those stories have amazing descriptive imagery in their tales and while some have been told many times in various media there are others that are still a mostly untapped source of inspiration.
 Right then, at this point I honestly am not how much further I could, or should elaborate but know this dear reader, I will keep you updated and I will get the hang of this blogging thing.