Year Three at AUB Part 1

Right, So, Year Three.

In a couple of days I start my third year of studying Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. It's gonna be a hell of a year, I know that already, a lot of work, a lot of research, a lot of late nights with the flatmates trying to keep each other going when deadlines start looming.
  Now, I need to start keeping a regular blog for the year and working on improving my online presence. This is asking a lot from me as I'm really not one for explaining my process as it is happening, I'm more of a...well I dunno, I guess I've never been all that loquacious when talking about art so, this year will be an exercise in that.

I have a dissertation to write this year and to be honest I was struggling to find a theme for it but in mid-august I feel that I struck upon an idea that shows promise: Sketching. I always enjoyed looking at the sketches of famous artists, If I was given the choice of 3 hours of looking at a collection of completed daVinci paintings or 15 minutes with a single sketch of his I'd take the sketch any time. I find that there is such beauty and potential in a loose, perhaps even unfinished sketch, they have life, whereas a completed work, to me, often feels ...lifeless. I don't expect everyone to agree but sketches often have a way of showing the thought process of the artist which I find infinitely interesting.

Part 2 tomorrow